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Quiet Study/Video Rooms - Palmerston North

The following rooms can be booked for quiet study or for viewing videos. Please use the booking sheet on the door of each room except in the case of room 6-0-27 where you need to book at the Library counter. Video/DVD Remotes are available from the issues desk:-

Room No. Size Facilities
6-0-27 Library Small Study Room Video/DVD
6-1-10 Group Study Video/DVD


Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms can be booked by staff or students for a maximum of 3 hours per day.  Please use the booking sheets on the door of each room to book a time.  The following are the room numbers available:-

Room No.Size
4-2-07 Very Small
6-1-17 Small
8-2-08 Small
Study room at Tui House


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